"TECHNOAK" LLC was established in 2006.
As time goes by, perceiving that this production is not sufficient, "TECHNOAK" GROUP started the roller manufacturing. Within a short timeframe "TECHNOAK" LLC became one of the best companies performing of high quality service in the field of sieve net and roller manufacturers. As a dynamic and young company of fast developing Azerbaijan Republic, "TECHNOAK" LLC follows the legal and ethical values and carries out its activities according to high standards.

"TECHNOAK" is a sales company set up jointly by these two manufacturer companies: "SIMTORBAKU" and "TECHNOSARAND TABRIZ".
In 2012 we signed the contract with famous ribbon firm of Turkey "DERBY" being the sole sales representative in Azerbaijan. In 2014 we signed the contract with factory of Iran "Zarrin Ghate Sazan Co" which produces cast iron and steel parts being their only sales representative. in 2016 we have become the sole sales representative of "Gaziantep Chelik Dokum". This company is sole sales of "kobesh machine".

Techno Sarand

Techno Sarand Tabriz (TST) IN 2004 began to operate in its exclusive scope of activities. The company has managed to preserve its ranking as the greatest producer of screen-related items in Iran over the last thirteen years.

Later on, TST set out to produce steel, anti-abrasion to the German model. The company has also been supplying parts for asphalt plants and sand washing mines. In 2011, TST became the sales agency for Sahand Rubber conveyor belts in several Iranian provinces including Zanjan, Ardabil, East and West Azerbaijan, while being selected as the sole sales agency of Turkish Derby (under the brand of maraton) across the country. TST has been extensively involved in export of screen and accessories to neighboring countries in the middle east.

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